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Construction of formative assessment tools for nursing teaching

Source:中华现代护理杂志 Author:Zhu Zhenggang, Liu Shasha, Liang Baihui, Chen Yan Editor: AddTime:2017-12-25
To establish formative evaluation index for nursing teaching, so as to provide reference for objective evaluation of teaching outcome. Methods By reference to educational theory and construction principle from September 2016 to December 2016, a preliminary evaluation system was established. The final content of nursing teaching formative assessment tool was confirmed after two rounds of
correspondences with 15 nursing educators from 5 nursing colleges by Delphi method. Results The response rates of the 2 rounds of expert consultation questionnaire were 86.86% and 92.30% respectively. The experts' authority coefficient was 0.910 and the coordination coefficient was 0.320. The final content of teaching formative evaluation was composed of 2 first grade indexes, 13 second grade indexes, and 25 third grade indexes.Conclusions The evaluation indexes of the formative assessment tool covers both subjective and objective factors of teaching effect of nursing professional curriculum comprehensively. The charts and the expression
pattern form are simple and intuitive, have a certain degree of innovation, which is suitable for classroom teaching evaluation.